One of the greatest musical experiences to be had is in collaborating with others. Ensembles can come in all sizes and with any combination of instruments. Whether you are an aspiring professional or a hobbyist, playing in a group is both fun and rewarding.

Rock Band offers you a chance to jam with some new people, cover popular songs, and even create original material.

Rock Band Requirements:

  • Owning an instrument (electric guitar/bass, drums, keyboard, etc.) is an asset for this class, but not mandatory. The school will make select instruments available at each location the class is offered.
  • Students will be expected to come to each rehearsal prepared, so those without instruments may need to take extra notes in order to ensure they feel comfortable and confident with the material
  • 1-2 years experience in music lessons (does not have to be the instrument they play in the band)
  • Age 6+


  • Drop in rate – $25/class
  • Full year registration – $20/class