Students are encouraged to share their talent and music with others. Opportunities to perform are very important in the learning process. There are 2 formal recitals scheduled in the year; Winter Recital and Spring Recital. We welcome parents and family members to attend the recitals as this is a celebratory event for all. More details and how to sign-up will be sent in our monthly newsletters as the dates approach.

WHERE: In-person (location TBD)



May 28-June 10, 2024 Registration period for ALL sessions
June 15, 2024 In-Person Recital

To sign up please fill out a form here

Tips on How to Prepare:
Roughly four to six weeks prior the recital, decide whether there is a commitment to do the following:

  • Attend lessons on a regular basis leading up to the recital
  • Practice regularly at home every week
  • Memorize the performance piece
  • once the decision has been made to register for the recital, speak to your teacher about appropriate repertoire

Practice your entire performance routine at home: announce your name and piece, play your piece, bow. Practice your performance in front of a mini audience made up of your favourite stuffies, your pet, or a friend/family member. On the day of your performance, do not over practice – you’ve already done all the hard work! Finally, get a good night’s rest so you can enjoy the next day.

What to Expect: Piano performers, please arrive 10 minutes early.  Stringed instrument performers, please arrive 15 minutes early.  Be sure to bring your music book with you in case you need it or want to look at it prior to your performance. When you arrive at the recital location, guests can make their way into the performance hall and find a seat for your group. If the recital prior to yours is not finished please wait quietly outside the concert area.  Have the performer check-in at the reception desk in the foyer FIRST.  If you have a stringed instrument that requires tuning, ask the reception desk where the tuning station is so that your instrument can be tuned prior to your recital session.  Once checked in, the performer can find a seat with the rest of your group. You are the #1 fan of your performer so feel free to take pictures and video of your performer while they are on stage.  We ask that you return to your seat when your performer is finished so that others can take pictures of their own performer unobstructed.

Recital Etiquette:
– No food allowed at the concert or in the venue.
– Students are arranged randomly in the program and are asked to stay for the duration of the recital to show respect for all the performers.
– If you must arrive late or leave early, please sit at the back of the venue and use the door BETWEEN performances, as movement or noise is often distracting for the performer.
– Remain seated and quiet during the performances. Our performers work very hard for this event and require concentration for a successful experience. If young children have difficulty remaining seated or are a distraction, please take your child out of the concert area.
– Please turn all cell phones off for the duration of the recital.

Questions??? Please connect with our friendly front desk at any time in person, by email ( or by phone/text (403-619-8115).  We know that this may be your first recital and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the experience or the performance.