We are excited to accept EFT as a new payment method! This means, we can set up automatic payments to debit your chequing account directly, instead of charging your credit card.

How do I sign up for EFT?
We require a single voided cheque to set up EFT on your file.

Can I change my current Credit Card Payments to EFT?
Yes!  Contact us any time to change over to EFT.
EFTs mean no more declined credit card payments, no more credit card expiries, and much more immediate transactions.  For our business, EFT also means less in credit card processing fees.

Should I use EFT?
We recommend it!  There is a 2% service fee on Credit Card payments, and no service fee on EFT payments.

Can I still bring cheques to pay for lessons?
Beyond the post-dated cheques we currently have in hand, we will no longer be accepting cheques for payment.  EFT will be faster and more reliable than post-dated cheques.

Still have questions?
Connect with our manager at manager@harmonymusicschool.ca.