Our goal is to nurture each student’s creativity and explore music and movement as one unit at an early age. Using nursery rhymes, stories and songs, our students will learn that music is everywhere.

Course Description:

Preschool group provides music class in a fun and engaging atmosphere. This curriculum stresses the interactive nature of the total development of the whole child in body, mind and spirit. Because of this focus, the curriculum features a steady stream of integration of movement, music and literacy providing a variety of activities that encourage creativity, exploration, language, movement and social development. Instruments such as rhythm sticks, hand drums, and shakers will be used to explore sounds (high/low, soft/loud), will aid in working with steady beats, and encourage control in motor skills. Movements, such as dancing, bouncing and walking not only allow Preschoolers to explore different body movements, but aid in coordination by focusing on steady beats and allowing each child to express themselves individually.

Parental involvement is critical in the Preschool Music program and are encouraged to review the musical activities at home.

As a music education course this is not a play program. Our music class is an education program that runs in sessions during the full school year. New students are welcome to join in at anytime during the school year as learned musical concepts are reviewed throughout the year.

  • Preschool (Ages 3-4), parented 30 minute online lessons, once a week
  • The rate per Preschool Music online class is $7.50* per lesson. The tuition is calculated on the number of days per session. *This rate applies for students who register for the session. The single online class rate for drop-in students is $10/class.