Our goal is to nurture each student’s creativity and explore music and movement as one unit at an early age. Using nursery rhymes, stories and songs, our youngest students will learn that music is everywhere. Our curriculum is based on the principles of Kodaly, Suzuki, and Orff.

Baby & Tot’s First Years Music Classes (0-36 months)

Parents and babies experience what the latest brain research has confirmed: purposeful musical activities stimulate the cognitive and language, social and emotional, as well as physical developments that all begin in the very first days of a child’s life. This will be your baby’s first social experience! The class will start off with a few minutes of gathering time as you and your babies meet and greet your fellow classmates. Then, we will begin the structured part of the class by singing (and bouncing, and swaying and tickling) hello to each and every child. We will be doing intentional touch exercises to stimulate the nervous system, exercising legs and arms to encourage motor skills, bouncing in time to aid in coordination and exploring musical instruments. A wide range of instruments will be explored such as shakers, bells and hand drums to focus on high/low sounds and to explore different tempos and beats.
As a music education course this is not a play program. Our music class is an education program that runs the full school year (as opposed to by semesters or weeks) and has proven to be the most beneficial form of learning for our young musicians.

  • Baby’s First Years (Ages 0-36 months), Parented 60 minute lessons, once a week
  • The rate for per ECE class is $15* per lesson. Due to school closures on holidays and recital days, tuition will be calculated by the amount of lessons you will receive in the entire school calendar year based on the day of your lesson. *This rate applies for registered full year students. The single class rate for drop-in students is $20/class.
  • ALL first time families will need to purchase ‘Lullaby, Action Songs and Chants’ CD.  Available at all our front desk locations.