Starting the 1st of March, ECE students will have their own 30-Day Challenge to finish off their term with a bang!

Everyday, there will be one activity link posted on our website (link below) which ECE students will complete. To keep track of your progress, ECE students will have a Mystery Image Color sheet which will reveal the hidden picture at the end of the month! Every time you complete an activity, you will color in the respective portion. ECE students will receive a graduation certificate at the end of the month to celebrate their hard work and accomplishment of participating in the 30-Day Challenge!

Date: March 1st, 2021 – March 30th, 2021
Facebook page event for more information:

For more information – email us at or call us any weekday (excluding holidays) from 12:00-3:00pm at our Central location (403) 619- 8115

Day 29 – Follow along with the actions

Day 28 – Rhythm sticks story

Day 27 – Always a favourite to listen to!

Day 26 – Watch and sing along

Day 25 – Enjoy the video!

Day 24 – Get ready to spin!

Day 23 – Follow the actions

Day 22 – Shaker Song!

Day 21 – Follow the actions

Day 20 – Sing along

(Only 10 more days to go to complete our 30 day ECE listening challenge! Let’s go ASOM family, we can do this!!! We cannot wait to award prizes to all who are participating!)

Day 19 – Sing along with Raffi

Day 18 – Watch and follow along with the actions

Day 17

Day 16 – Do you recognize this song?

Day 15 – Follow along!

Day 14

Day 13

Day 12 – Follow with your fingers!

Day 11

Day 10 – You know this one, so let’s sing along and follow the actions!

Day 9

Day 8

Day 7 – Follow along with the actions

Day 6 – Sing along

Day 5 – Watch and listen

Day 4 – Watch and listen

Day 3 – Follow along with the actions

Day 2 – Use rhythm sticks or pat your legs

Day 1 – Follow along with the actions

Check back here for tomorrow’s challenge!